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Whether for work or leisure, headphones have become essential for many of us in our daily lives. Headphones are very personal in taste, and depending on requirements and budget, the recommendation can vary. In general few points one should consider when buying a headphone- •Do you want wired-only headphones, wireless-only headphones or dual mode headphones with wireless and wired capability both? •Will the headphone be used for long durations at a stretch ( like attending office meetings from home), or will it be only for a short duration, up to around 30 mins-1hr? •Is Noise Cancellation a requirement? •What's the budget? •On-ear vs Over-ear headphones? Normally over-ear headphones are heavier and bulky compared to on-ear headphones but, they give the added advantage of excellent quality and active noise cancellation(ANC), which is normally not possible with on-ear headphones. So it goes without saying if one wants to have headphones that can be used for long durations, on-ear headphones should be checked out. The Jabra Store Evolve 30 Wired On-ear headphones are what I would recommend. They have options in both wired and wireless but not dual mode. These Jabra headphones are very light with significantly less pressure on the ear than other headphones. This makes it possible to wear them for a long duration if needed at a stretch comfortably. The mic has an excellent noise cancellation system, which can efficiently reduce unnecessary background noise. In case you are interested in dual mode headphones with very good quality noise cancellation and your usage won't be for more than couple of hours at a stretch would recommend checking out Sony WH-1000XM4, Sony 900N and Bose QC 45 headphones. These are some of the best headphones in this category. If you want low-budget good wireless headphones with good bass boAt Rockerz 400 would be recommended.


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