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Digital BP monitor

2 years ago
BP needs to be monitored at home sometimes when one has symptoms (like frequent headaches), and the doctor suspects you have high or low blood pressure. Sometimes, the doctor prescribes medicines for blood pressure and instructs the patient to regularly check the BP for dosage adjustment. A digital BP monitor is an easy way to check one's own BP at home without anyone's help. The cuff is wrapped around the arm as per instructions, and a button is pressed on the monitor. The cuff inflates on its own, and the monitor shows the reading to which the cuff inflates. Then the cuff starts to deflate gradually till it deflates fully. While deflating, the monitor records the Systolic (Higher reading) and Diastolic (Lower reading) BP and displays it on the monitor screen. A reading of 120 by 80 is a normal reading. But readings vary according to stress levels, exercise, sleep and other factors. Some BP monitors (also called sphygmomanometers) have the feature of saving the last 20 or 30 readings in the monitor.Very useful when sharing with the doctor.