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2 years ago
" An essential item for work from home cases and where there are frequent power cuts and fuctuations in voltage. A UPS (stands for ""Uninterrupted Power Supply""), is like a battery backup for some electric gadgets. When the regular power, on which these gadgets (like modem, landline phone, wifi extender, laptop) fails or its voltage drops or surges (voltage surge or spike is when volatge is too high) to a level where the gadget cannot work, the UPS provides backup power so that the gadgets work seamlessly. The UPS thus makes sure that the gadgets run for the few minutes till the society generator is turned on and the regular power is thus restored through socity's power back. this ensures continuity in the landline calls, internet working, laptop working and so on. Microtek UPS has been widely used and is known for great performance and high reliability. The battery life is of approximately 1 year and there is virtually no maintenance for this product. Only, depending on the wattage allowed, the equipment one can plug in to the UPS is restricted. Heavy wattage use products like ACs and Geysers cannot be used on UPS. "