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Infrared Thermometer (non-contact)

2 years ago
A must-have for every home, it is a non-contact thermometer; hence it is safer (non-contact) and faster to take the body temperatures of people entering your home or your near and dear ones. Nowadays, when we have so many infectious diseases that cause fever too - like Covid 19, dengue, viral and so on, this is an essential health accessory available at the entrance of almost airports, cinema halls, malls, hospitals and offices. It is very easy to use and, most importantly, not very fragile like the mercury and glass thermometers. It is very accurate too. One needs to aim at the forehead or wrist from around 2 inches, press the button and hold for around 3 seconds. It beeps when the temperature is recorded. The settings can be changed to record temperatures in Fahrenheit(°F) or Celsius(°C). It is battery-operated.The power consumption is pretty less; hence the batteries last long. There is also a mode to measure the temperature of objects, for instance, if one wants to measure the temperature of the milk before giving it to a baby. This mode can normally measure temperatures up to 100°C but might vary depending on the device you buy.