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Digital Convertor MiniDV (or VHS)

2 years ago
If you have some old VHS tapes or mini DV camcorder video cassettes and want to convert them to digital format and save the videos in a DVD or USB, the 'Roxio easy VHS to DVD 3 plus digital converter' is a very useful and reliable device to use. Have personally tried using it to convert some mini DV cassettes to USB on Windows 7. It seems to work with the latest versions like windows 10 also as per the product description. There is another version of this converter especially for mac. To start converting, just connect your camcorder/VHS device to the Roxio convertor using the RCA / S-Video cables (not included with this product). Next, install the Roxio software and follow the steps to begin capturing the recordings. Note: The camcorder/VHS must be in working condition for this method to work. Please borrow or contact photo studios if you don't have the device in a functional state.