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Mini Cycle exerciser (hands & legs)

2 years ago
A mini cycle exerciser is an exerciser with pedals only, without any seat to sit on. It can be kept on the floor in front of any chair or sofa - A novel way to cycle efficiently from the comfort of one's chair or sofa itself - in the comfort of one's own room or anywhere at home or the work-from-home office. Consider these scenarios - a person wants to cycle but - 1. It's raining or it's too hot or too cold to cycle outside- the weather is unfavourable 2. One needs to be at home or is working from home but, there is no place for a full-fledged stationary cycle exerciser. 3. Someone (like an older person or an invalid) is unable to sit on the normal stationery cycle exerciser seat which may be unsteady or uncomfortable for him. How can these problems be addressed? While sitting where one normally sits, one can place the mini cycle exerciser on the floor and just pedal easily. The speed, number of rotations and distance covered gets displayed and the resistance can be increased or decreased like any exercise cycle. This mini exerciser can also be kept on a table and used for cycling with the hands - an excellent way to exercise hands, wrists, elbows and arms. thus, this is an excellent exerciser for the elderly who can keep their legs and hands healthy with the appropriate exercise.