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Warm/Cool Mist Humidifier (Vaporizer)

2 years ago
A humidifier helps maintain an indoor humidity level of 40-60% which is known to help in relieving cough and congestion. In dry cold weather like Delhi and North India winters,dry throat, asthma and dryness in the nasal passages is common. The warm mist vaporizer is a humidifier cum heater which throws out warm mist continuously for up to 24 hours. In cold, dry or allergic climate, this gadget is specially useful for infants, elderly and asthamatic people or people pronme to bornchial/respiratory isues. It can be placed easily anywhere in any room. The Hot steamer is similar though it lets out steam which is more voluminous and hotter than warm mist. That is better for steaming, to relieve congestion and as prescribed by the doctor. A feature in both the Warm mist vaporizer and the Hot steamer is that, one can add a vapourizer like Vicks Vapourizer, which is medicated, to ease congestion. All in all, a perfect device to make one breathe easily in cold dry climate. Many of these warm mist humidifiers/vaporizers have a cool mist mode too and allow releasing cool mist too which can be very useful in a hot and dry climates like Dubai, Uae. Also most of these humidifiers have timer functionality that shuts the humifier automatically after few hours (Eg- 2, 4, 6, 8 hours).