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Coconut Opener

a year ago
The coconut opener is a simple device which pierces the coconut easily so that one can have coconut water regularly and easily in the comfort of one's home. So often, one feels like drinking fresh Coconut water and on a regular basis too. But mostly, the coconut vendor is not nearby or in a busy area where it is cumbersome to go. The best way is to order some coconuts at home and have a device to open them easily whenever one wants to drink some. The opener consists of 2 simple pieces -the 1st one is a thin long hollow cylinder made of stainless steel to pierce the coconut. The serrated edge on one side is very sharp. It pierces the coconut easily to make a hole in the coconut. The 2nd piece is a plastic one which, when inserted and pushed into the cylinder, helps to remove the piece of coconut which got cut. Once this is done, the device is ready to be used again.