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Jal Neti Plastic Pot

2 years ago
Jala neti is a powerful yoga practice that helps clean the nasal passages, the sinuses and even the throat area. Mucus and pollutants stuck in these areas get washed away with the warm saline water used in Jal neti. Thus, air flows without any obstruction, and the nostrils feel clean, hydrated and allergy free. For people who are prone to allergies, colds, asthma or sinusitis and to prevent serious respiratory tract diseases like pneumonia and bronchitis, it is a healthy practice to do Jal Neti twice or thrice a week. The technique should be learnt from a yoga specialist or yoga doctor. Online tutorials are helpful, but one needs to be careful that the water used should not get stuck in the ear or in the sinus. This can then cause problems. Hence water must be flushed out thoroughly and nasal passages should be dried fully after Jal neti. When the head is turned sideways, water sent in from one nostril flows out from the other bringing out allergens with it, mucus stuck on the wall of the nose and pollutants too. If the head is tilted backwards, the water which is poured into the nostril comes out from the throat, clearing that area.