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AC Pollution filter

a year ago
The AC filter, a thin white sheet, when simply placed on top of the mesh of the AC, makes the AC filter air like an Air purifier. Hence, the Anti Pollution AC Filter almost converts the AC into an Air Purifier too. So, the AC, along with delivering cool air, purifies it too. Hence no need for a separate purifier in the room. The AC filter captures PM2.5 pollutants like house dust, pet dander, polluted air and so on. With increasing construction activities, traffic pollution, erratic rain and depleting greenery, the air quality inside our homes is also poor. Over and above this, it is known that sometimes Indoor Air can be more polluted than outdoor air. Thus, an AC Filter enables the air conditioners to remove PM2.5 and other Micro-Particle pollutants from the air inside our home so one can breathe clean air while the AC cools us down too. The AC filter is simply placed on the mesh of the AC, and in some hours of use, one can feel the difference in air quality. Within a few months, one finds the filter has turned black with all the pollutants trapped in it and then it has to be replaced. The filter can be cut to smaller sizes easily with a pair of scissors and, one can use it to cover only 50% of the AC mesh or less in case it reduces airflow of the AC to a large extent.