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Robot Mop

a year ago
A robot mop/cleaner is an excellent vacuum cleaning robot which, at the press of a button, cleans and mops for you at your own convenient time. Problems like - Trouble with the maid who has tantrums or doesn't do a good job or her timetable doesn't match yours, can all be done away with, if one invests in a good robot cleaner. They do a thorough job, independently, without any supervision required and at your convenient time! In the long run, not only is the cost justified, but so convenient that one does not want to go back to a maid system for this activity. Nowadays the latest robot mops like the Ecovacs Deebot have both dry and wet mopping (pochha) with reusable wet cleaning pads. iRobot is also a very popular brand and one of the oldest in this field. They have some good models like the iRobot Roomba j7+ which is a self emptying robot and has other modern features like cleaning pet hair, smart mopping where one can schedule the cleaning timings and the robot keeps learning about the house layout.