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Paneer Tikka

2 years ago
A very popular dish of North India, this vegetarian dish is made with Paneer (Indian cottage cheese, made by curdling milk with the help of curd or lemon juice). Some thick square pieces of paneer are coated with a thick curd based marinate which contains tantalizing spices (salt, garam masala, chaat masala, red chilly powder and others), some oil and, ginger and garlic paste. The marinade is used to cover some square pieces of onion and capsicum too. These are put on skewers alternatively and then cooked in a tandoor/oven/grill till they are well done. Best served hot after sprinkling with chaat masala and lemon juice and accompanied with green (mint) chutney.

2 years ago
It is indeed very tasty! Especially with lemons